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Nice warm, summer days are meant to be spent outside. Imagine any given day in the summer in your backyard. Burgers are on the grill, kids are playing in the yard, you’re enjoying a cool glass of iced tea and the company of family and friends. Things are going great, but as the sun starts to set, you’re finding everyone’s swatting mosquitoes more and more. You finally give up and go inside. The mosquitoes won again.

Chances are, this scenario sounds familiar, and you’ve probably been there before. It’s no fun not being able to enjoy your own outdoor property, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s no question that mosquitoes are annoying. But the dangers of these insects are much more serious than anything else. In May 2018, the CDC released an alarming report stating that diseases spread by bugs more than tripled between 2004 and 2016, which is pretty scary. In this report, the CDC also quite plainly states that about 80% of vector control organizations lack critical prevention and control capabilities.

So if the government isn’t fully prepared to protect its citizens from mosquito- and tick-borne illnesses, what can a private citizen do? Call Mosquito Squad. We can help you protect yourself and your family while taking back your yard this summer with our mosquito barrier treatment, which is guaranteed to eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard for three weeks straight.

Wolfeboro NH mosquito control that lasts — here’s how it works

Upon arriving to your house, our licensed technicians will first take a walk around your property and get rid of any standing water or other mosquito-breeding sites, treating them with larvicide to eliminate any existing larvae and preventing any eggs from hatching. This stops mosquito population’s life cycle in your yard. Then, we start distributing our EPA-registered, micro-encapsulated mosquito barrier treatment around the perimeter, working our way inward. We avoid any bee-friendly plants like flowers, but otherwise distribute our solution everywhere else. This includes foliage and the undersides of leaves, bushes, trees, woodpiles, decks and underneath them, garden gnomes — everything.

Our formula knocks down mosquitoes on contact, and dries in 30 minutes. Once it dries, it’s adhering to everything it was sprayed on. Then, for 21 days after application, any new mosquitoes or other biting bugs that come into contact with it are also eliminated, resulting in a reduction of the bug population in your yard by nearly 90%. Our barrier treatment is both odorless and colorless, so you won’t even know it’s there . . . except you’ll know it’s working because you won’t notice any bugs!

Because we know it’s easy to slip people’s minds to reschedule, we offer seasonal barrier treatment plans so you can enjoy summers in your yard without needing to worry about reschduling with us. We always call a day in advance to remind you that we’re coming, but you don’t even need to be home — we’ll leave confirmation of treatment on your door. The buzzing and the biting of the bugs in your yard? You won’t miss it.

The most effective Wolfeboro NH tick control you’ll find

As mentioned earlier, mosquito- and tick-borne diseases have more than tripled since 2004. You’re aware of how serious Lyme disease is here — you probably know someone has been affected with it. According to the CDC report, New Hampshire is in the top 20% of states with the most tick-borne diseases with 13,710 reported cases between 2004 and 2016.

There are other tick-borne diseases to worry about in addition to Lyme disease, of course. Ticks also transmit illnesses like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Ehrlichiosis, two diseases which are arguably worse than Lyme. The bottom line is this: Ticks are a serious problem not just here in New Hampshire, but everywhere, and they can cause a lot of damage to a person or their loved ones if the wrong one takes a bite.

Not only is Mosquito Squad your expert in mosquito control, but we’re also your front line defense against ticks. Our traditional mosquito barrier treatment eliminates up to 90% of ticks on your property for 21 days as well. But we go the extra step when it comes to your Wolfeboro NH tick control, because they’re nothing to mess around with and we’re here to keep your family safe.

How our Wolfeboro NH tick control works

To start, we take the same approach as we do with our mosquito barrier treatment — applying our formula to everything in your yard except bee-pollinated plants. We give extra attention to any tall, grassy areas because that’s prime tick territory — where they’re likely to be found hanging out, resting, breeding, and waiting to hitch a ride on the next unsuspecting person or animal — we’re her to make sure that isn’t you or your family members, whether they have two legs or four.

The second step is by strategically placing tick tubes around your yard. These are small, biodegradable tubes stuffed with cotton that is treated with permethrin, which is fatal to ticks. These tubes entice mice, who take the cotton (harmless to them) back to their burrows to nest. Most ticks in their nymph stages get their blood meal from mice and other small animals. When a tick tries to attack one of these mice, it is eliminated shortly afterward. It’s with this extra step that Mosquito Squad eliminates ticks at their source, before they come anywhere near people.

Just like with our mosquito barrier treatment, our Wolfeboro NH tick control is guaranteed to be up to 90% (or more) effective in eliminating ticks on your property for three weeks at a time.

Protect your family while taking back your yard this summer. It’s time to take your Wolfeboro NH mosquito and tick control in your own hands. Call Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region at 603-380-4541 today, or fill out the contact form on our home page, and we’ll get in touch with you. The consultation is free, and your health and your time outside with family and friends is priceless. We look forward to helping you!

Don’t let the bugs ruin your bash!

Have you ever been to an outdoor party such as a wedding or graduation party, and the mosquitoes were so bad that you couldn’t even enjoy it? You may have even left early. Well, we don’t want that to happen at your party. Mosquito Squad offers a special event service to ensure your outdoor special event isn’t one of those parties. Your guests should remember it for the good memories, not the mosquitoes.

We’re easy to work with as far as scheduling goes, and will come out to the site of the event a one to three days in advance and treat the area with our traditional barrier spray. Because it only takes about 20 minutes to distribute and about 30 minutes to dry, we’ll be in and our before you know it. Then you can go back to setting up the event with caterers, tent setup people, and other event preparation. With Mosquito Squad’s special event mosquito control service, the only guests at your party will be the invited ones.

Looking for an all-natural alternative?

No problem. All of Mosquito Squad’s products are EPA-registered, but we know there are some people who prefer to avoid synthetics all together. Which is why we also offer an all-natural, barrier treatment formula that we specially developed with essential oils. This formula is more of a repellant than an eliminator, which confuses bugs with its scent and drives them out of your yard.

It’s not quite as effective as our traditional barrier spray, but it’s pretty close — most customers notice a reduction in yard pests by up to 80%. Also time-released, our all-natural solution breaks down a little faster than our traditional barrier treatment, so we recommend reapplying it every two weeks instead of three.

Misting systems give you mosquito control at the push of a button

Want the ultimate in your Wolfeboro NH mosquito and tick control? Consider one of our automatic misting systems. We highly recommend these if you have waterfront property, live near a wooded area, or have horses in a barn.

Mosquito Squad strategically places misters around your property that release our mosquito control solution at programmed intervals for about 30 seconds at a time, or at your command with the push of a button on the remote control. This tactic is over 90% effective at eliminating mosquitoes and ticks and gives you extra peace of mind. Best part of all, we take care of all installation, refills, maintenance, summer setup and winterization. The only finger you’ll need to lift is the one that pushes the button on the remote!

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