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Lone Star Ticks Are Bringing a Different Type of Allergy to Our Area

Attention all meat-eaters! In case you haven’t read in the news as of late, the Lone Star tick is migrating into our area and bringing a new issue concerning tick bites as well. Essentially, the Lone Star tick can cause an allergic reaction to red meat. Yes, you read that correctly, ticks are now forcing people to abandon red meat for the rest of their lives. While Lyme disease and the Powassan virus are terrible enough on their own, now ticks are threatening our ability to enjoy a wonderful steak, hamburger or hot dog even.

As was stated in a recent article by Global News, “For decades, scientists kept a watchful eye over the Lone Star tick and its potent bite. The tick that’s widespread in the East, Southeast and Midwest United States got its nickname from the small white “star” that’s on the back of the female bugs. In the past few months, the tick – and its victims with newfound meat allergies – have cropped up not just in the Midwest and southern states, but farther north into Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Maine. A bite from the Lone Star tick can trigger an allergy to red meat.” So, not only are we experiencing an influx of a tick that wasn’t present in our area just a decade or so ago, but it’s also bringing with it a terrifying bite capability.

In addition to causing you to potentially swear off red meat for the rest of your life, the Lone Star tick is incredibly aggressive. It’s known to walk or even run towards its next blood meal. It’s comparatively larger than other ticks in our area, such as the deer tick or dog tick, so it needs to feed more because they need a lot of energy to reproduce. These ticks are known to be completed engorged and completely fed, yet they will still race towards their next potential blood meal. This voracious and aggressive behavior makes the Lone Star tick one of the worst. There’s no such thing as a good tick, but the Lone Star tick is raising the bar for the awfulness of ticks.

There is a way to keep your yard free of these aggressive blood-sucking pests, call your local tick control experts at Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region. Through our highly effective barrier treatment, you can expect to see the tick population within your yard reduced by up to 85-90% While ticks are always going to exist in our area, that doesn’t mean they should be given safe passage within your yard, ever. In order to take your yard back from disease-carrying ticks, call us today at 603.380.4541, email us at [email protected] or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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