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Mosquito Protection with Barrier Control

Nobody likes itchy mosquito bites, but they aren’t always just a harmless nuisance! Mosquitoes all over the world transmit a variety of dangerous pathogens to unprotected humans. Our state is no exception, and residents should be aware of potentially deadly mosquito-borne viruses. When these bugs start to multiply, Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region is here to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Kids safe from Mosquito Bites

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Zika virus lately. While this disease has been reported on in New Hampshire, local mosquitoes have not yet been found to carry the virus. Even though Zika is not currently endemic to New Hampshire, there are two mosquito-borne viral diseases that you definitely need to watch out for: eastern equine encephalitis (aka EEE or “triple E”) and West Nile fever. Although these diseases rarely affect humans, their severity makes mosquito control a priority for New Hampshire residents.

Because these diseases are difficult to treat, prevention is your best strategy to stay healthy! Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region offers barrier control to protect your family from these pesky and sometimes dangerous bugs.

Our odorless barrier spray eliminates mosquitoes on contact. This treatment is extremely effective and lasts for up to three weeks after application. Once the treatment dries in under an hour, it remains effective even after rain.

For maximum protection, sign up for our long-term plan to keep mosquitoes out of your yard all season long. We’ll return to reapply barrier control to your property every 3 weeks. However, we do also offer one-time treatment for special events. When applied at least 2-3 days before the party, the barrier spray will effectively keep your party mosquito free.

If you’ve got a Mosquito or Tick problem, don’t hesitate to call Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region at 603-380-4541 or fill out our form to the upper right today!

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