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At Mosquito Squad of the New Hampshire Lakes Region, we know mosquitoes are much more than an annoyance. They carry diseases that kill millions of people each year.

Malaria is among the many deadly diseases mosquitoes can carry. The disease may have been eliminated in the United States half a century ago, but it’s still a major concern in many other areas of the world.

In fact, malaria threatens half the world’s population and kills nearly 500,000 people each and every year. Most of its victims are children and pregnant women.

The problem is most prevalent on the African continent where more than 250 million people get malaria each year. Every day, some 1,000 children under the age of 5 die from the malaria parasite.

To help with the prevention of malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases, Mosquito Squad has partnered with Malaria No More, a not-for-profit global health organization that works to stop malaria deaths in Africa.

While keeping mosquitoes at bay here in the United States is a more of a convenience, it’s a matter of life and death for people in Africa. That’s why we’ve been supporting the important work of Malaria No More for the past five years. This campaign dovetails with the four cornerstones of the Mosquito Squad Difference: Passion, Service, Education and Giving. Now you can see real footage of Mosquito Squad on the ground working hand-in-hand with Malaria No More in Cameroon. In this short video, you can see how our support is making a difference and how much our efforts are appreciated by the people of Cameroon, but most important why our continued engagement is needed:

Since 2012, Mosquito Squad’s efforts have raised well over $200,000 to fight malaria in the African country of Cameroon. We donate a portion of each and every sale to this non-profit organization. Malaria No More’s work ensures citizens of Cameroon learn how to obtain and use bed netting that offers protection from potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

Please help Mosquito Squad of the NH Lakes Region fight malaria globally by making a donation at SwatMalaria.net. Whether big or small, any donation will help fund these vital educational activities in African countries and ultimately save lives through the prevention of malaria.

We pride ourselves on saving lives both locally and around the globe. To date, we have donated $1 for each customer per year for the last 3 years towards the Malaria No More efforts. To learn more about the protection efforts we help fund, or to learn more about getting involved, please contact Mosquito Squad of the NH Lakes Region at 603.380.4541 for more information.

Together, we can make a difference.

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