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Special Event Treatment

Why Hire Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region?

We want you to be able to remember your event as something special. We don’t want you to remember being attacked by swarms of mosquitoes! Protecting your guests in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire from things like mosquitoes, gnats, ticks and other outdoor bugs is a relatively easy thing to do.

When you are interested in hosting an event without the worry of it being ruined by Mosquitoes, simply speak with one of our consultants about your event and your property or event space. They will review the service that we offer and if you have any questions, they will answer them.

For the best mosquito event protection, we will schedule a convenient time, usually 2-3 days ahead of your event to come out to do the application. If you want us to work around your schedule with things like tent setups, catering and so forth, this is not an issue. Let us know when to come and we will work with your schedule the best we can. We specialize in events and have the capability of covering large areas if needed. Anything from a 1 acre yard to 10+ acre properties.

We have licensed mosquito control technicians who will visit your property and evaluate the situation. We will perform a thorough spray application on all foliage, woods line, bushes, and bark mulch areas such as flower beds. We know the sites where mosquitoes are likely to rest, and focus on those areas. Our mosquito control solution is time controlled and unlike other devices used to control mosquitoes. It will continue to get rid of mosquitoes for the entire time of your event. We will also address breeding sites for ticks, mosquitoes and other outdoor pests.

The end result of the treatment and prevention spray will be that your event, be it a wedding, birthday party, or anything else, will be almost completely free from bugs and their bites.

Why are bugs so bad at events anyway? There can be many reasons but when there are large groups of people, there are larger amounts of the CO2 and octanol as well as other attractions for mosquitoes. When you combine these things with the light and warmth of an outdoor party, you will be essentially making a buffet for the mosquitoes.

We also offer a money back guarantee that is hassle free. Our products are approved by the EPA and can reduce the amount of flying pests by as much as 95%. You will be able to wave goodbye to all of those annoying, biting pests and keep the party going all night long when you use our services. Give us a call or email to get started!

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