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Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region on Tick Control

Why You Should Be Concerned

Ticks are more than just a nuisance. Ticks have become a serious health threat here in the New Hampshire Lakes Region and elsewhere. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control; the American Dog Tick or Wood Tick is the most common tick found in this area. It carries diseases such as Tularemia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme disease. The amount of people who have been infected by ticks carrying this particular vector is staggering. It is important that people protect themselves when traveling in and around areas that may be infested with ticks.

On your property; you can reduce the potential for ticks by clearing out brush and lawn debris, as well as leaves and keeping grass very short, search walls and the patio of your home where ticks may reside. Try to keep deer off your property, since deer are often the carriers of ticks. If you live in an area that you suspect has ticks, Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region can help you.

How We Can Help

Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region can help by first consulting with you and inspecting your property. Our tick control services is a blend of both treatment sprays and specially designed tick tubes. The sprays Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region use forms a barrier that will kill adult ticks on contact.

The tick tubes kill ticks in a different manner; with the help of mice on your property. Mice are usually the first animal that ticks feed on. Therefore, cotton is placed in the tick tubes; mice then take the cotton, which is treated with a tick control pesticide, back to their nest for bedding material where the ticks reside and feed. The ticks are killed once they come into contact with the specially treated cotton. Our tubes are biodegradable and our professionals know exactly when and where to place these tubes; as well as how many are needed in order to fully control the ticks on your property.
Concerned about ticks in your area? Contact Mosquito Squad of New Hampshire Lakes Region at 603-380-4541 for a free consultation today.

Learn about Lyme disease in this short video:

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