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Why should you choose Mosquito SQUAD?

We invented the industry.

There are many mosquito control companies you can work with these days. But prior to 2005, there weren’t any at all. When Mosquito Squad created the barrier spray protection service, we created the industry and paved the way for others to follow. Homeowners love enjoying their yard without constant mosquito bites and painful annoying itch that often send them back inside.

Environmental responsibility is at the heart of what we do.

As the innovators and trailblazers of the private mosquito protection field, we continue to research and improve our products to identify the most environmentally responsible and effective recipe for continuous protection for 14-21 days (depending on the product), eliminating up to 90% of mosquito population.

We strictly adhere to all local, state, and federal licensing guidelines and utilize pest-control solutions that have been registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

No surprises.

We take our customer service seriously, and will always confirm service dates 24 hours in advance, and also confirm work completion with the homeowner before leaving the property. We’ll always arrive at your property ready to work and be easily identifiable in our official Mosquito Squad uniforms and official vehicle.

We eliminate more than just mosquitoes.

Yes, “mosquito” is in our name, but we don’t just stick with eliminating mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment also gets rid of other biting bugs like ticks, fleas, spiders, no-see-ums, fire ants and more. For some bugs we need to adjust our tactics or alter our formula slightly, but the result is always the same — up to 90% elimination of yard pests or your money back.

Social responsibility.

While we’re in the business of private homeowner pest control, we also know that mosquito-borne illnesses are worldwide. Especially in places like Africa, where malaria is rampant. We help raise funds to eliminate malaria in Africa though our partnership with Malaria No More, where the fight against the mosquito bite is literally a matter of life and death. Our efforts raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help inform communities about protective bed net distributions and proper usage in Africa, and at the same time, we support numerous activities and causes against mosquito-borne illnesses in communities here at home in the United States.

Mosquito Squad Guarantees 100% Satisfaction

Mosquito Squad firmly stands our services and products so much that if you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll either re-treat your property or offer your money back.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to private mosquito control on your property, many with similar names — Mosquito Shield, Mosquito Joe, Mosquito Authority — but know that Mosquito SQUAD is the original. We invented the industry, and continue to develop and innovate our formula to remain the leader. There’s only one SQUAD — Mosquito Squad.

Know that the SQUAD is on your side and give us a call at (603) 380-4541 today to schedule a free consultation on how Mosquito Squad can help you take back your yard while protecting your loved ones from the dangers of mosquito and tick-borne illnesses.

Mosquito SQUAD by the numbers:

Mosquito Squad invented protected barrier treatments in 2005, thus inventing the private mosquito control industry

Mosquito Squad has delivered over 1.3 million treatments

Mosquito Squad has protected over 200,000 families

We have over 200 locations in 40 states

Our traditional barrier treatment is effective for 21 straight days

Our barrier treatment has been proven to be up to 90% effective eliminating biting insects from homeowners’ yards

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